Israel News in 2007

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June 11th marked the release of the Israeli hit movie, Beaufort. The war movie, based on Ron Leshem’s novel by the same name, was co-written by Leshem and the famed Joseph Cedar who also directed. The film tells the story of an IDF unit stationed on the Beaufort post in Southern Lebanon just before the IDF withdrew from the security zone in 2000. The movie portrays the soldiers’ daily routine, offers insight into their emotions, and sheds light on the inner dilemmas plaguing the soldiers just prior to the Israeli withdrawal from the security zone.

Beaufort is considered one of the most successful recent Israeli films and was overwhelmingly positively regarded by film critics. Internationally, Cedar won the Silver Bear in the Berlin International Film Festival for directing the movie, and Beaufort was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best foreign Language. Back in Israel, Beaufort racked up 4 Ophir Awards for Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Artistic Design and Best Soundtrack.

Watch a clip of Beaufort here:

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