Israel News in 2013

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According to data from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, life expectancy in Israel shot up in 2013. On average, in 2013, Israeli men lived to be 80.3 years while women lived to be about 83.9 years old, about two years above average for OECD countries. These life expectancy figures represent an increase of nearly five months for men and three months for women compared to the previous year.

Israelis residing in the city of Ramat Gan can expect to live the longest to about 83.9 years, while those in Bat Yam have the shortest life expectancy at 80.6 years. This gain in life expectancy is a continuation of the positive trend that has appeared over the last decade in Israel—there was a 2.4 increase in years for women and 2.9 years for men over the 10-year period—which means that life expectancy in Israel is among the highest worldwide.

Check out this clip about the high quality of life in Israel:

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